The Beauty and The Rage

by Kinetic Monkey feat. Bex Parr

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    Between the beginning of March and the middle of April Kinetic Monkey and Bex Parr have been writing and recording tracks, uploading each track as it was finished for your entertainment. "The Beauty and the Rage" EP now lies as complete as it will get. Please download the finished article to feed your iPod (it's free, you know).

    We hope to return after a short break with new fusion of Polka, Doom Metal, and Folktronica. Who knows, we might even play some live shows.

    Photos of lampposts were shamelessly stolen from the mistress of all things visual, María Sanz - Download the complete EP for three different takes on the cover art.

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released March 8, 2010

Lyrics and Music by Simeon Smith and Bex Parr



all rights reserved


Kinetic Monkey Wales

Beats and breaks off of Swansea.

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Track Name: You Will Find Me Here
I am lying
To hide my fear,
I am trying,
My best, my dear,
And if I breakdown,
Don't shed a tear,
'Cause when you wake up,
You will find me here.
Track Name: The Beauty and The Rage
Distance yourself,
From the pain,
From the rush,
Ignore the day,
Let the night,
Lift you up,
Restore your faith,
In the warmth,
Of his touch,
Curse the day,
That you thought,
You'd give up.

Watch the panorama change,
Watch this ugly city age,
Feel the beauty and the rage,
Hear the downpour of the rain,
See the everlasting sun,
Walk, then break into a run,
Run until you can't go on.
Run until you can't go on.

Break yourself,
from the same,
old routine,
Start again,
get your slate,
wipe it clean,
Have it your way; don't look back.
Trip the wires, set the trap.
Track Name: The Last 6 Months
"Hold me," you say.
The worries in your eyes fade away,
Then you breathe in and try to guess your fate,
The colours and the lights fade to grey.

"Give me some time"
The last 6 months have really crossed the line,
When every phrase is followed by a sigh,
Don't try to pretend that you're just fine.

And every word you say.
I'm hanging on,
And every single day,
I need to hear your voice.

"Whisper to me,
Tell me one day I will be healed,
Tell me that this pain was never real,"
I can't begin to know just what you feel.
Track Name: The Grace
Empty roads, clouded skies
Philosophies of half-drunk pints,
Stories told, the loss of life,
The grace that holds a brother tight

In the brightest hour the wind picked up,
The sun beat down on my forgotten love,
I come to you, our hearts unite,
We run ahead to fight the fight.

Pacing through forgotten streets,
Sharing pains, our demons flee,
Righting wrongs, I feel release,
Your smile sets me free.
Track Name: A Sacred Hope
It's coming home
A life reborn
A sacred hope
I know you can do this
Break the truth
Change your mind
I know you can do this

Fight for me
Try for us
Run for this
I know you can make it
Don't sit back
Keep looking up
Feel the heat
I know you can make it

Sometimes love just isn't enough