One Day Everything Is Going To Be Better For You

by Kinetic Monkey

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released December 7, 2013

Bex Parr - Vocals and Tea Drinking.
Simeon "Drift" Smith - Musics and Facial Hair.

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Gowerton throughout 2013 by Simeon Smith and Matt Crome.

Additional drumming on tracks 6 & 9 by Josh Pike.

Tracks 5 & 7 originally released on Dragon Era compilation albums.

We'd like to thank our families and friends for your love and support.



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Kinetic Monkey Wales

Beats and breaks off of Swansea.

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Track Name: Give It Time
Changing all the time,
Something's happened, Give it time,
Waiting, waiting for the chance to break.
Hating all the mimes,
Giving reasons, Empty chimes,
Seasons, seasons, they will turn around.

Oh, oh, oh, I see that you've come for me,
Oh, oh, oh, I see that you wait for me,
Go, go, go, 'cause I'll never be left behind,
Oh, oh, oh, here's to my life,
Here's to my obsession,
Here's to my life.

Your time is going to come,
The time is here to run, run, run,
Everything will be just fine,
Take the chances in your hand, have some courage.
Track Name: St Peter
You think you are so special,
Your face it never lies,
Your lips they tell of treason,
And your mouth is full of flies,
I won't turn into you,
I've got a pocket full of pills that's pulling me through,
And if I do, don't be confused,
I've got a pardon from St Peter and heart that's true.
You will never defeat me,
You will never bring me down, down, down,
You will never defeat me,
Today, I'll wear your crown,

Your courage is wearing thin,
Believe me, you have no time,
Your sheepskin falls away,
Shown for who you are,
But if I do, if I turn into you,
You'd better have a plan B, 'cause I'm coming for you,
And you knew it's you I accuse,
I've got my trigger finger steady and a blood that runs blue.
Track Name: Plummet
Our hearts are beating at a different pace,
Time slows down in this warm embrace,
Toes curl / Fingers interlace,

Our hearts are beating at a different pace,
Momentum leads into a deeper place.
Silent cries in upper case,

And when I plummet let me fall back into you.
Track Name: Lost My Tongue
Your face is so,
It strikes me hard,
I'm falling into your,
You surround me,
I feel like I have taken,
An irreversible drug,
You're oooh,
Lost my tongue,
But found my hope.

You're beautiful,
You're so beautiful.

Looking over at me I understand,
Connecting with the air between,
You move towards me,
I feel like I have taken,
An irreversible drug,
Lost my tongue,
But I have found hope.
Track Name: The Tower
I can see for miles from here,
The horizon's clear and pilots steer,
Around the tower we built from the ammo that was thrown our way,
Your hand in mine it melts my fear,
My confidence; a thin veneer,
I never want to climb down and face reality.

Some days heaven is my only comfort,
Some times the end is all I have sight,
Some days heaven is my only comfort,
Through the darkness all I see is your light.

The warm wind blows, clouds are low,
Through the continents plants regrow,
The shadow of our tower slowly turns across the globe,
As down below the embers glow,
Our vain attempts to overthrow,
The corruption of our fathers still scars the land.